Knowing God, or is it knowing about God?

January 12, 2018

I NOTICED the HG Wells’ classic The Time Machine was on the TV on the weekend.

As the Wells’ traveller goes into the future he encounters the creatures called Morlocks.

These were men who, for years, had been living underground in darkness and that environment had turned them into something else – something hideous and frightening.

The things that made them human had been abandoned long ago in their effort to survive and what was left was just a shadow of what they used to be.

The apostle Paul lays out in the biblical book called Romans that there is another kind of darkness that is presently faced – spiritual darkness.

It is a darkness that has stemmed, he said, from a humanity that has suppressed the truth about God.

In other words, from what has been made – the world and all it contains – people have deliberately ignored the ‘signpost’ pointing to God as creator and have speculated on other origins or substituted gods of their own liking.

Interestingly, in a new study conducted by atheist psychologists, they reveal that they are not happy about those impressive nature shows done by the likes of David Attenborough.

Even though Attenborough is an atheist/evolutionist, they are deeply concerned by the ‘awe’ factor in his television productions.

Douglas Axe wrote that: “The new study suggests that these experiences affirm a sense of faith in theists and a sense of purpose-like natural order in atheists and agnostics, both of which cause problems for instructors wanting to churn out good Darwinists”.

But the apostle goes further: Since humanity does perceive that God exists but rather chooses to suppress any notion of the existence of God, God has given them over to a spiritual darkness.

This ‘giving over’ by God is an expression of His anger against those who deliberately choose to reject Him.

Most people would think God’s anger shows itself in some devastating apocalyptic event.

However, God is showing His anger in not only letting people oppose Him, but giving them a ‘leg up’ in doing it.

The darkness falls in the form of moral indifference and corruption of the mind and body.

There is real suffering as a result.

The breakdown of the family unit, the upturning of time honoured morals, the warring within society – all have caused untold human pain.

The creation causes us to know ‘of God’, but there is another way by which people can ‘know God’ personally.

The Bible proclaims Jesus as raised from the dead.

To many, this becomes the clincher to believing that Jesus is God ‘in the flesh’.

If the creation seemed abstract, then Jesus puts ‘skin’ on God.

Jesus takes the impersonal and makes it personal; the otherworldly and brings it into our world; the unknowable and makes it knowable.

To know Jesus is to not only ‘know of’ God, but more importantly, to ‘know God’ personally (for references: Romans 1:1-28; John 14:1-11).

Pastor David McAllan

Echuca Community Church.

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